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Old meets new elegance - Richmond

The clients, Jamie and Geraldine, say ‘Thanks very much for all your hard work. We are delighted with the garden you have made for us! ’

We Say - the initial phase of landscaping this garden was a massive clearout of all structures, trees, plants and so on in order to reveal the true size of the garden space. This involved the removal of large trees that had grown too big and the clearing out years of accumulated features that no longer served the needs of the new owners. After a year of extensive remodelling and rebuilding work had been undertaken on this large Richmond town house, we were asked to come up with a design that would be sympathetic with a house of this period but still be functional and modern.

we decided to have the front garden/drive entirely traditional with a cobblestone ‘Granite Sett’ parking zone laid in a circular motif. A chequerboard pattern long front path edged with Victorian rope tiles led to the front door. A ‘Hidcote’ lavender hedge along the path with clipped box and daffodils was used to give a period formality. In front of the bay window we continued the box with balls and cones interplanted with Iceberg Roses. New deluxe fencing was installed with decorative trellis atop and planted with a mature yew hedge and several Trachelospermum jasmine climbers. The red Brick piers were built to match the house front and to accomodate the bespoke gates and letterbox

The back garden allowed us to be more creative in terms of design. Again the outline brief was to create as much space as possible but still have a play area, borders and flowers. We kept the borders very narrow and used Arcadian edging to delineate the lawn boundary. Again using lavender, but this time ‘Old English’and clipped box gave us a neat appearance also serving to tie the front and back gardens together.
Standard ’Iceberg’ Roses were planted this time and Bay cones give some much needed height to the planting. At the back of the garden we custom built a dual purpose shed/fort which serves as a storage area for bikes/mower and so on and also as a play house for the children. On the other side we sank a large trampoline so as to reduce its impact on the aesthetics of the garden

The patio was laid with new Crosley Yorkstone, which is entirely authentic in this setting but with a lighter tone than the old stone. The old - and listed - wall at the back was found to be seriously unstable, so it was necessary to mostly take it down brick by brick and rebuild it using new mortar and reclaimed mixed imperial bricks

Finally an acrylic mirror was mounted against the back wall to give a vanishing point - leading the eye into an imaginary space beyond - and mood lighting installed, throwing shadows across the new lawn and uplighting the new ghost white birch trees